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Nautel Serves Austin’s Oldest Radio Station

15 May 2019

And brings it into the future of radio with AM HD Radio. Sun Radio is a community-funded organization operating 11 noncommercial…

Nautel at 50 – WGFY-AM

10 Feb 2019

Long-term customer WGFY-AM, with first Nautel 10 kW AM transmitter ever made!   Our Christian talk/music station, WGFY-AM, is a very…

Sentech Cape Pulpit

28 Aug 2018

729 kHz 25 kW Medium Wave Transmitter Replacement Gets Thumbs Up from Sentech!   Radio Telecommunication Services (a subsidiary of LS…

Northwestern Media – KFNW

18 Jun 2015

At Northwestern Media we produce programming for the Faith Radio Network. One of their stations KFNW is in Fargo, North Dakota, and runs a Nautel NX50 50 kW AM transmitter.

Sky Sports Radio

25 Nov 2014

Sky Sports Radio network in Australia is deploying a new fleet of 22 Nautel AM and FM transmitters to replace aging equipment in both metropolitan and regional transmitter sites.

MoCI, Saudi Arabia

23 Oct 2012

NX200 and three NX50 transmitters for a station in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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