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Customer Stories AM Transmitters

KICY(AM) Installs 50 & 10 kW NX Transmitters

A 50 kW AM system and a 10 kW backup are serving the remote station in Nome, Alaska.

Improved Signal in Harsh Nigerian Climate

Radio Yobe upgraded to Nautel AM & FM transmitters for their reputation of durability, ruggedness, energy and space savings, but they also saw signal and coverage area improvements.

Nautel has ‘had my back’ for 20 years

Nautel stood by Ben Downs’s long-time commitment to AM digital and “it has been magic ever since!”

FEBC Celebrates Decades of Working with Nautel

FEBC credits its long history of using Nautel transmitters to reliability, high efficiency, great customer service, state-of-the-art technology and ease-of-use.

Nautel Serves Austin’s Oldest Radio Station

And brings it into the future with ‘amazing-sounding’ AM HD Radio using the ultra-compact J1000.

Nautel at 50 – WGFY-AM

‘Extreme reliability’ exemplified at long-time customer WGFY-AM with first Nautel 10 kW AM transmitter ever made!

Thumbs Up for Emergency NX25

Quick delivery, installation and commissioning of an NX25 in South Africa gets Cape Pulpit back on air after fire.

NX50 ‘Phones Home’ while Engineer at NAB

On a Sunday at NAB, KFNW engineer, Gary Ellingson receives notification of a PA module fault from his NX50. It’s promptly followed by an email from Nautel Customer Support asking if he needs assistance.

Nautel for Reputation, Reliability & Support

Sky Sports Radio network in Australia deploys new fleet of 22 Nautel AM and FM transmitters to replace aging equipment in both metropolitan and regional transmitter sites.

J1000 to the Rescue post Sandy

When disaster hits, the compact yet frequency-agile J1000 is an ideal solution for a mobile back-up transmitter.

MoCI, KSA installs 6 NX Transmitters

Nautel instrumental in helping overcome any problems faced during installation and operation of three NX200s and three NX50s at Jeddah station in Saudi Arabia.

Customers Save up to 40% with MDCL

More and more U.S. AM stations are converting to energy-saving MDCL to save up to 40% on their power costs. Hear from multiple customers running MDCL on both new and old Nautel transmitters.

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