Building the Biggest: 2 Megawatt Transmitter for Antenna Hungária

Antenna Hungária 2 MW DRM nabled system graphic

Building the Biggest

Power savings, outstanding reliability and world-class customer service were key to Nautel’s 2 Megawatt NX2000 system selection at Europe’s most powerful MW station – Antenna Hungária, Solt, Hungary. It’s now on-air on 540 kHz and can be heard all over Europe as well as in parts of Africa, Russia and Asia.

Five solid-state, DRM-enabled NX400 transmitters and a 2,000 kW combiner comprise the 2 Megawatt system which replaced an aging custom-built tube transmitter that had been in operation since 1977.

The large-scale deployment involved large infrastructure changes at the site; including interfacing with existing 11 kV voltage supply, building modifications, and air handling modifications.


Nautel 2 MW Combiner

Nautel 2 MW Combiner for Antenna Hungária