Digital, Efficient, Intelligent, Refined

Nautel’s field-proven, high-power FM architecture is infused with the industry’s most advanced RF technologies and Nautel’s award-winning control system to set a new standard for digital performance, efficiency, serviceability and unmatched functionality.

The GV2 Series represents years of Nautel innovation in digital and analog transmission, including all the features you expect in a Nautel transmitter. Engineered using Nautel’s field-proven binary combined high-power architecture, they offer the industry’s highest digital power outputs, commercial-grade instrumentation, advanced intelligent features and award-winning control via Nautel’s AUI. All of this capability is packaged in thoughtful uncluttered designs that allow easy access for maintenance.

Broadcasters worldwide have installed over 4,000 systems based on Nautel’s high power architecture and serve the globe’s largest and most successful stations. The GV2 Series extends that legacy and charts new territory with even more digital power, new achievements in digital efficiency and significant new instrumentation and functionality.

Nautel GV2: The All-in-One Digital Transmitter

Incorporating significant technology enhancements Nautel GV2 transmitters are the first in the industry capable of integrating all HD Radio™ components inside the transmitter.

    • HD Radio(R)Optional Just Add Audio: The GV2 supports HD Radio™ with Xperi Gen4 Importer, Exporter, and Exgine implementations for HD Radio encoding, station logo and artist experience and is the first solution that locks FM and HD signals synchronously to eliminate HD FM blend drift. No additional hardware is required.


    • OmniaStreamlined Audio: Omnia® for Nautel covers all FM and HD Radio audio processing needs and provides Livewire® AoIP inputs for all audio streams.


  • Comprehensive control at Your Fingertips: Effortlessly manage your GV2 Series transmitter remotely by entering its IP address in any modern web browser, logging in, and accessing controls instantly.
    Nautel’s award-winning Advanced User Interface (AUI) offers a comprehensive suite of transmitter management features, including commercial-grade broadcast instrumentation, customizable alarms, SNMP management, scheduling capabilities, event logging, RDS/PSD configuration, and robust user management, all without extra costs, ensuring efficient monitoring and secure operation for uninterrupted broadcasting.


GV2 Enhancements:

Award Winning! Radio World Best of Show & SBE Technology Awards

  • New IQ interface card
  • New HTML AUI
  • Embedded compute engine with 10X more processing power
  • Optimized power supplies
  • Solid state storage
  • Virtualization Engine


GV2 Integrated HD Radio Air Chain Option

Digital Radio Air Chain Functionality:

  • Livewire® AoIP inputs for all audio streams
  • Omnia for Nautel audio processing for FM and up to 4 x HD
  • Blend-Lock FM/HD Synchronization eliminates HD Radio™ Time Alignment Drift
  • Gen4 vPorter software-based Importer and Exporter
  • Gen4 vExgine modulator with PAR2
  • Station logo, Album Art, Artist experience, PSD, RDS support
  • Air Chain Selector allows automatic selection of multiple complete air chain inputs
  • MPX & E2X STL solution for combined FM+HD: 3 Mbps bandwidth
  • GPS not required for single transmitter deployments

Hosting Options:

  • GV2 Transmitter integrated
  • Nautel HD Multicast+


Learn more about Nautel’s Radio Air Chain >


New! HD Digital Radio Test Drive

The HD Digital Radio Test Drive helps broadcasters break down the barriers keeping many stations from trying HD Radio™.
HD Radio transmission has the potential to create critical presence on the car dashboard and help stations stay competitive in a field of alternative media choices.

Based on Nautel’s software-based air chain technology, HD Digital Radio Test Drive allows broadcasters to trial HD Radio transmission in their market for up to 6 months to unlock listeners, content, and new revenue potential without needing to install and purchase $40-50K of HD gear.
Learn more here >

Go Digital: Your Choice, Our Solutions

In addition to the generous employment options facilitated by Nautel’s software-based air chain, you can also choose to implement HD Radio transmission using the traditional external importer/exporter approach combined with Nautel’s exgine card.
HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter

Synchronous FM

Are you looking to boost your coverage with the GV Series? Explore our smart Synchronous FM – Single Frequency Network solutions. Learn more here >


  • High digital efficiency
  • Reduced cost of ownership for IBOC
  • HD Spectrum/Efficiency Optimizer
  • Separate controller “back up” user interface
  • Site control functionality via AUI
  • Low mains operation down to 90 V (at 1/3 TPO)
  • Dynamic RDS scrolling
  • Oscilloscope instrumentation
  • All DRM+ modes supported

Everything you expect from a Nautel

  • Power outputs: 3.5 kw to 80 kW
  • Field-proven, high-power architecture
  • Industry’s highest digital TPO
  • Award-winning control via Nautel’s AUI
  • Commercial grade instrumentation
  • HD PowerBoost PAPR/crest reduction
  • MER instrumentation
  • Asymmetrical sidebands
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Constellation view
  • HD Reliable transport
  • MPX over AES