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MoCI, KSA installs 6 NX Transmitters

MoCI, Saudi Arabia Installs Three Nautel NX200 and NX50 Transmitters

Through the Saudi-based integrator Delta Company Limited, the Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) purchased three NX200 and three NX50 transmitters for a station in Jeddah.

Nautel NX200 Fahed Al Harbi MoCI Saudi Arabia

Mr. Fahed Al Harbi of MoCI visited Nautel for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the three NX200 transmitters in October of 2010.

The three installations of Nautel NX200/NX50 transmitters were purchased by MoCI to rebroadcast three radio programs in both analog and digital modes (DRM). The Jeddah station is the first station in the Middle East to transmit DRM radio.

Nautel was instrumental in helping Delta Company overcome any problems faced during installation and operation. In particular, Javad Hoseyni, a Nautel engineer (pictured below), went above and beyond to help the installation go smoothly.

Pictured above in the Jeddah station control room: Engineer Antwan Karkoush; Adnan Masri, Delta Company Project Manager; Javad Hoseyni, Nautel Engineer; and, Rob Elder, Kintronic Laboratories, Inc.

Adnan Masri
Project Manager
Delta Company Limited