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Easy HD Upgrade with a Nautel GV5 and HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter

Tom Ray has installed many AM/FM transmitters over the years; this while complex, was one of the easiest thanks to Nautel.

WUKY GV Series HD Transmission Upgrade

WUKY (FM) / 91.3 MHZ recently went through a major upgrade with their HD transmission facility. When it came to equipment…

KSWP/KAVX Installs NV20LT and NV30LTN Transmitters

With help from generous donors this station now has its most reliable signal in 35 years, plus reliability, ease of maintenance and utility savings.

KICY(AM) Installs 50 & 10 kW NX Transmitters

A 50 kW AM system and a 10 kW backup are serving the remote station in Nome, Alaska.

Transmitter Photo Contest Winners!

The following entrants have won a Nautel-branded jacket plus Tile Mate bluetooth tracker.

KQAL Move to HD Simplified with Nautel

It was a “no-brainer” for KQAL to order a Nautel solution when they were first in their area to broadcast in HD Radio™

Rush Delivery of GV10 for KSGF(FM)

Nautel will always do everything possible to get broadcasters back on-air quickly as demonstrated in this GV10 rush order to KSGF(FM).

KTIS-FM Updates Operations with Nautel GV30

KTIS’s GV30 purchase fulfilled their need for a single-box FM & HD solution, an added bonus was increased coverage area.

KJLT enters Solid-State Transmitter World

KJLT took advantage of a limited-time tube promotion to upgrade to a solid-state and energy-efficient GV30N.

Improved Signal in Harsh Nigerian Climate

Radio Yobe upgraded to Nautel AM & FM transmitters for their reputation of durability, ruggedness, energy and space savings, but they also saw signal and coverage area improvements.

Dirty to Clean at a Site to be Seen

This may be the most unusual transmitter site you’ve ever seen. It was also very dirty given no engineering attention since its install four years earlier.

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