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VS Series

Press Release

Nautel Brings Affordable HD to Low Power FM


Special promotion brings HD operation within reach for a wider range of lower power FM stations including LPFMs; also provides affordable…

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KQAL Move to HD Simplified With Nautel


User Report by Mike Martin, KQAL(FM) Operations Manager, Radio World, March 21, 2021. Upgrade went live in October with a VS2.5HD…

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Switch to Nautel’s AUI App Today


The day has finally arrived when the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin can no longer be used to run the millions…

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Dirty to Clean at a Site to be Seen


This may be the most unusual transmitter site you’ve ever seen. It was also very dirty given no engineering attention since its install four years earlier.

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Community Station achieves “Perfect Sound” with VS300


A community radio station with limited budget achieves significant improvements with their new Nautel VS300.

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VS300LP Solid as a Rock at The Flock


The VS300LP is the perfect transmitter and a real ‘workhorse’ at KFLK where it’s one of the most reliable devices in their radio chain.

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AM Translators


Webinar: AM Translator Considerations Host Chuck Kelly and guests Jeff Welton and John Garziglia explore what it takes to get an…

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VS Series Installation Overview


Initial installation and configuration of the Nautel VS Series FM transmitter. VS Unboxing & Setup Video AUI Overview Video Brendan Tipney…

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WECODEC Report on Johannesburg DRM+ Trial


Radio World, by Marguerite Clark, July 11, 2018 Full story with photos at www.radioworld.com “DRM broadcast did not interfere with neighboring…

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Orban FREE or 1-2-3!


Please note that this promotion has ended.

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VS Series


Feature-rich rack-mount, HD Radio® ready transmitters: 300 W, 300 W LPFM, 1 kW, and 2.5 kW

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