Community Station achieves “Perfect Sound” with VS300

CHNT 92.3FM THE COYOTE is a community-based radio station out of Timiskaming First Nation, Quebec, and is owned and operated by First Nations. As a community radio station our budget is limited but we needed to replace an old transmitter that had been in service for twenty years. After much research and word-of-mouth from other radio enthusiasts and professionals, I contacted Kyle Dibbin, a sales representative with Nautel.

Kyle was very friendly and answered my many questions in a professional and courteous manner. I was sold on Nautel as Kyle and I exchanged emails to close the deal. Kyle even made sure we had the correct connection adapter prior to shipping. I was confident we had made the right decision that fit our radio station’s needs and purchased a VS300 transmitter in February of 2019.

Easy Installation

This was the first transmitter installation for myself and my employees. Upon opening the shipment, it was evident that the attention to functionality and longevity of the unit was a priority to Nautel, as well as the care of the safe arrival of the VS300.

“The installation was a breeze with the documentation provided, and the installation video made the process simplified and easy.”
– Robert Millette, Station Manager

We contacted the Nautel Customer Support phone line to ask a few questions on input and output levels, and to further understand this new addition to our radio station, which in turn, was a very friendly phone call.

The VS300 has enabled Significant Improvements!

At CHNT, station employees and I strive to achieve the ‘perfect sound’ for our listeners.

“The VS300 continues to meet our station’s needs not only in terms of wattage, flexibility and ease of operation, but also the sound quality we have been searching for.”
– Robert Millette, Station Manager

The transmitter is compact and fits in the small space that we must work within in our server room.

Robert Millette, Station Manager at CHNT 92.3 FM The Coyote, pictured with the Nautel VS300.

The VS300 also helped us correct a faulty channel in our broadcast and we now have a fully functioning two channel signal. The audio quality of the signal is now clear and transparent, which never ceases to surprise our team when testing the audio quality in the various places our listeners tune in from; such as vehicles and home radios.

The Nautel AUI is a new venture for our radio station and has become a staple in fine tuning our signal. Its ease of use makes monitoring our signal fascinating and a continuously interesting task.

Among all of this, we are excited to learn more about the HD broadcast capabilities and how in the future we can look forward to being able to join the movement, whenever that may be. As we move forward, we feel confident our on-air quality even exceeds that of commercial stations within our market with our next goal being RDS where again the Nautel VS300 will make this option a reality.

In closing, we are thankful for the opportunity to purchase the VS300 from you and look forward to continuing being part of the Nautel family.

In Peace and Friendship,
Robert Millette,
Station Manager