Switch to Nautel’s AUI App Today! Article and Software here.

Switch to Nautel’s AUI App Today

The day has finally arrived when the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin can no longer be used to run the millions of apps and games developed since Flash’s introduction in 1996.

Nautel took advantage of its amazing power and sophistication to create our remote access and control application, the AUI, which continues to provide award-winning capabilities to thousands of transmitters around the world.

Thank you Flash!

Nautel’s Vision in Action

Development for our Flash AUI replacement began in 2016, and we quickly decided that a proper replacement required more than just a nice HTML5 user interface. So we undertook a completely new architecture, operating system, and middleware to drive the new HTML5 AUI. That massive undertaking will deliver fresh software to GV, NV, NVLT, NX, and VS, bringing them all forward to a new common platform — one OS, one middleware, one UI — for past and future transmitters. And, of course, the new solution is securely accessible from any device that has a browser.

Legacy AUI Access App

In October 2020 Nautel eliminated the need for Flash to be installed on computers with the free Nautel Legacy AUI Access app v1.02. With the app installed and no other need for Flash, you can uninstall Flash completely.

For more information, minimum requirements, downloads, and a detailed Windows installation guide, go to the Legacy AUI Access App page on Nautel Support.