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GV Series

Rush Delivery of GV10 for KSGF(FM)


Nautel will always do everything possible to get broadcasters back on-air quickly as demonstrated in this GV10 rush order to KSGF(FM).

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FM Digital featuring the HD MultiCast+


There is active discussion going on in the industry about the pros and cons of fixed purpose embedded hardware vs the…

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KSGF Adds New Nautel Transmitter


“Who’s Buying What” Radio World, March 9, 2021 VP Engineering Dennis Sloatman talks about his experience with the GV10 FM transmitter…

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Switch to Nautel’s AUI App Today


The day has finally arrived when the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin can no longer be used to run the millions…

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KTIS-FM Updates Operations with Nautel GV30


KTIS’s GV30 purchase fulfilled their need for a single-box FM & HD solution, an added bonus was increased coverage area.

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A Nautel Transmitter for KFLR


“Who’s Buying What” Radio World, November 1, 2020 Family Life Radio adds HD Radio in Phoenix Family Life Radio station KFLR(FM)…

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Touch Screen Monitor Replacement – GV Series


This video demonstrates how to easily replace the touchscreen monitor found on GV Series transmitters. One of a series of helpful…

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Crawford Chicago Selects Nautel


“Who’s Buying What” Radio World, August 9, 2020 GV20 FM transmitter installed for use at WSRB and WPWX Crawford Broadcasting has…

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Replace Fan Assembly on GV or NVLT Power Module


This helpful animated video depicts the proper method of replacing the fan assembly on a GV Series or NVLT Series power…

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KJLT enters Solid-State Transmitter World


KJLT took advantage of our Tube Buy-Back promotion to upgrade to a solid-state and energy-efficient GV30N.

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KNDE Gets New Nautel FM Transmitter


“Who’s Buying What” Radio World, Paul McLane, June 26, 2020 “Candy 95.1” in College Station took delivery of a GV5 FM…

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