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Virtualization Expands its Foothold in Radio


Radio World NAB Show Daily Edition – 2021 New Product Guide. Oct 13, 2021. More flexible and efficient workflows allow creative…

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NBC-PNG installs new [Nautel] AM transmitter


ABU Technical Review, July-September 2021. Papua New Guinea’s national broadcaster, NBC-PNG, has installed an AM transmitter to improve radio services in…

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KNWI’s New Stick Is Going Up


Radio World, June 17, 2021. Will support a 10-bay ERI antenna to serve Des Moines RF equipment manufacturer ERI posted on…

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CHLO first AM HD station in Canada [Nautel NX3]


Radio World, June 16, 2021. Evanov Communications recently switched on hybrid HD Radio on an AM station in Ontario. It’s believed…

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Waves Newsletter #61


This issue includes new GV & VS promos, June Talk Tuesdays, customer installs, new hire, Tips ‘n Tricks: signal constellations &#038…

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New Nautel Transmitter Is Headed to KSKA(FM)


Who’s Buying What, Radio World, May 27, 2021. Nautel ships GV40-HD KSKA(FM) in Anchorage, Alaska, is getting a new transmitter as…

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New York Cumulus AM to Go All-Digital (with NX3)


Radio World, May 21, 2021. WFAS(AM) throws the switch Monday to full-time digital mode Read the full article at radioworld.com Highlights…

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Nautel Supports Big Signal Upgrade in Des Moines


Who’s Buying What, Radio World, April 28, 2021. KNWI’s RF project also includes a 10-bay ERI antenna Northwestern Media purchased a…

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Advanced Radio Broadcast Transmitter Development


Case Study: Using 3D development software, Nautel Drafting Manager, Joey Panczyk and his team has contributed to shorter design cycles, improved…

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KQAL Move to HD Simplified With Nautel


User Report by Mike Martin, KQAL(FM) Operations Manager, Radio World, March 21, 2021. Upgrade went live in October with a VS2.5HD…

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KSGF Adds New Nautel Transmitter


“Who’s Buying What” Radio World, March 9, 2021 VP Engineering Dennis Sloatman talks about his experience with the GV10 FM transmitter…

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