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Tube Transmitter Working Fine; Replaced it Anyway!

5 Dec 2019

WCLQ says “look at your maintenance budget, tube replacement budget and power bill, and a switch will make perfect sense!”

FEBC Celebrates Decades of Working with Nautel

19 Jul 2019

FEBC credits its long history of using Nautel transmitters to reliability, high efficiency, great customer service, state-of-the-art technology and ease-of-use.

Spreading Love in Oklahoma

27 May 2019

The Love Station upgraded its oldest transmitters and selected Nautel for the tech support & reliability.

Nautel’s Time-Saving AUI Saves the Day

1 Sep 2015

Christopher Tarr doesn’t have time to waste and finds Nautel’s AUI critical for managing his six remote radio stations in two markets.

WNTK upgrades to ‘overly-efficient’ NVlt

25 Nov 2014

WNTK goes solid state with an ‘overly-efficient’ NVlt 3.5 transmitter and jokingly reports it doesn’t generate heat of previous Continental and so the engineers are getting chilly!

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