WNTK upgrades to ‘overly-efficient’ NVlt

WNTK-FM welcomed its new Nautel NVLT 3.5 kW in November, 2014. Its back up is our ‘old main’ Continental that is stepping down to standby status. The old Collins 831-D2 has been put out to pasture.

Nautel really makes a great product and their customer support matches it.

“The only problem is the lack of heat the unit generates; the new Nautel is too efficient! Seriously it was getting pretty chilly in the transmitter building when we switched over, and we’re now going to have to buy a heater!”– Bob Vinikoor, President

I’ve now got four Nautel products:

  • my original Amphet 10 from 1988 on WCNL AM 1010
  • an ND-1 on WUVR AM 1490
  • a VS300 on WSCS 90.9 FM
  • an NVlt 3.5 for WNTK 99.7

The NVlt is a beauty of transmitter, the packing was amazing, and it’s all working 100% thanks to CE Ira Wilner who implemented a great installation and launch.

Bob Vinikoor, President
Koor Communications Inc.
New London, NH