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Customer Stories AUI

VS300LP selected for AUI & Orban

Dan Slentz shares WDPE-LP’s reasons for choosing the VS300LP with Orban Inside audio processing card.

Reliability & Remote Control/Monitoring Key

With a mountaintop location more than two hours drive from the studio, reliability and the feature-rich AUI make this VS2.5 the best choice for KQMX.

Nautel’s Time-Saving AUI Saves the Day

Christopher Tarr doesn’t have time to waste and finds Nautel’s AUI critical for managing his six remote radio stations in two markets.

Nautel AUI: THE Best Troubleshooting Aid

Shawn Ferguson has customized his AUI to show the graphs he looks at regularly like spectrum and signal constellation.

Like Maytag Washers… they just keep going!

WVRU has two Nautel VS1s and can’t believe all the big-transmitter features that are available through the AUI.

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