AM Translator Considerations

Chuck Kelly and guests Jeff Welton and John Garziglia explore what it takes to get an AM translator on the air successfully. John Garziglia is a specialist in Communications Law, at Womble Carlyle in DC. Continue reading →

AM Translators: What’s Next?

September 2017. This eBook lays out the recent history of translators for AM and explores questions for stations that are pursuing this tactic. Continue reading →

LPFM Puts Digital Radio to Work [with VS300LP]

Radio World, Ralph Martin, KVCB(LP), 09.20.2017 Continue reading →

La Familia VS, NAB 2017 (Spanish)

Gerardo Vargas gives an overview of Nautel’s VS Series transmitters. Continue reading →

Indiana School District Prioritizes Real Experience, Current Studios [with VS 300’s]

Radio Magazine, by Paul Black, July 7, 2016 Continue reading →

VS300 LP Transmitter at NAB 2016

Christy White, Nautel’s VS Specialist, gives a short overview of the VS300LP transmitter. Continue reading →

VS Series Software Update: PS Scrolling Names at NAB 2016

Christy White, Nautel’s VS Specialist, shows the AUI software update for PS Scrolling Names. Continue reading →

FM Translators

May 2016. The FM translator service is top of mind for many radio broadcasters in the U.S., mainly in conjunction with the AM revitalization efforts being carried out by the Federal Communications Commission. This eBook on FM translators presents three articles to help educate you on this important topic. Continue reading →

VS Series “How To” Webinar

Chuck Kelly and Ryan Swinamer cover some frequently asked questions about VS Series transmitters. Continue reading →

Advanced Features for FM Power Users

Chuck Kelly and Jeff Welton discuss the advanced features in Nautel FM transmitters. Continue reading →

Capital Radio Network purchases Nautel Transmitters

Capital Radio Network announces that it has entered into an agreement to purchase 22 Nautel transmitters.. Continue reading →

HD Radio Innovation featuring Nautel HD PowerBoost Gen4 and HD Multiplex

Chuck Kelly and Philipp Schmid discuss the newest generation of HD PowerBoost and Nautel’s HD Multiplex technology. Continue reading →

Learn About the Advanced Features of The Nautel VS300LPFM

Nautel’s LPFM Specialist, Christy White, gives a walk-through of the advanced features that the Nautel VS300 for LP broadcast provides. Continue reading →

Nautel’s VS LPFM AUI Live Demo: Best Control Features in the Market Today

Nautel’s LP VS Series specialist Christy White demonstrates the powerful features of the AUI. Continue reading →

This LPFM’s Time Has Come [with a VS300LP]

Radio World, 08.20.2014, by Mike Starling Continue reading →

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