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Trends in Transmitters 2022

A resource for engineers and managers The quality of professional broadcast transmitters available today is unquestionably high. That’s good news for…

9 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Transmitter

Buying a new transmitter can be a stressful experience for a radio station. The price tag justifies spending weeks or even…

Meet the Makers

A look at the people and philosophies behind eight industry manufacturers. Many Radio World ebooks explore products and tech trends. This…

Radio Engineering in Crisis

Is our industry’s technical profession in crisis? If so what is being done about it? Radio World Editor in Chief Paul…

Have You Bought Your Last Tube?

Should you continue buying tubes or would you be better off with a new transmitter? If you’re running an older tube…

Saving Money in High-Power Medium-Wave Operations

Learn how medium-wave broadcasters can save money in managing their high-power transmission facilities. High-power transmission plants for medium-wave broadcasters are specialized…

Trends in Transmitter Design

Industry observers identify trends in transmitter design and what might be ahead from manufacturers. The transmitter is the superstar of the…

Radio’s Role in Developing Countries

What are obstacles and opportunities for radio broadcasters in developing countries?

HD Radio and the Case for ROI

The question of return on investment for HD Radio has always been a big one, but it’s even more so for smaller and medium-sized broadcasters.

HD Radio From the Ground Up

What should someone know after watching HD Radio from a distance, and now wants to get started?

AM Revitalization: AM Radio’s Unique Opportunity

Untangle the details and implications of the FCC’s big order and understand what else is coming.

HD Radio Evolves

The HD Radio platform continues to evolve, with technical developments aimed at making it more consistent, efficient and profitable.

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