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HD Radio From the Ground Up

What should someone know who has watched HD Radio from a distance and now wants to get started? Basic questions and groundwork have evolved; engineering questions that applied five or 10 years ago are probably not as relevant today. Further, the HD Radio rollouts in Mexico and Canada are at much different stages than in the United States.

HD Radio Ground Up 2016 Radio World eBook

Thanks to more-efficient transmitters, better processing, built-in time alignment and improved STL systems, the current generation of HD Radio systems can make it much easier to get a potent digital signal on the air and keep it running smoothly.

In this Radio World eBook, we explore how a station gets started, what the costs and decisions that it must consider are. We talked to HD Radio veteran implementers and proponents, and learned that the current generation of tools makes it easier to get a potent digital signal on the air. We also turned a spotlight on HD Radio efforts in Canada and Mexico, for readers who may be contemplating this conversion and to help U.S. readers better understand what’s happening on the dials there; and we hear why HD Radio proponent DTS Inc. thinks the platform is really just getting started.

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HD Radio From Ground Up