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HD Radio and the Case for ROI

The question of return on investment has always been a big one for broadcasters when it comes to HD Radio, as with any technology decision. But it’s even more so for smaller and medium-sized broadcasters who may not have been involved in the IBOC initiative from the outset and for whom the ROI argument needs to be very clear indeed.

HD Radio ROI Case 2016 Radio World eBook

In this Radio World eBook, we asked a dozen or so industry broadcasters and other players to comment on these questions in a series of interviews. Are stations discovering revenue opportunities in leasing digital subchannels, and could such revenue help cover the cost to upgrade to digital? Who is willing to purchase such capacity? Is the “translator play” HD Radio option still effective? Can we quantify how HD Radio might help an AM owner justify the investment? What revenue can stations expect if they participate in the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium?

Respondents include executives of Cromwell Group, WDGY(AM), Emmis, RUSA Radio, BTC, HERE LLC, Scott Communications Inc. and Alexander Broadcasting Co. and others.

This eBook is sponsored by Nautel.

HD Radio and the Case for ROI