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Have You Bought Your Last Tube?

1 Oct 2019

Should you continue buying tubes or would you be better off with a new transmitter? If you’re running an older tube…

Is Your Transmitter Ready for Lightning Season?

30 Jun 2019

Your transmitter and RF plant are mission-critical. Are they ready for lightning season? What characteristics of lightning should you know about…

What’s Ahead for All-Digital AM?

29 Mar 2019

Is there a “digital sunrise” in AM radio’s future? This ebook explores the prospects and questions raised by the idea of…

Saving Money in High-Power Medium-Wave Operations

4 Jan 2019

Learn how medium-wave broadcasters can save money in managing their high-power transmission facilities. High-power transmission plants for medium-wave broadcasters are specialized…

Trends in Transmitter Design

30 Nov 2018

Industry observers identify trends in transmitter design and what might be ahead from manufacturers. The transmitter is the superstar of the…

Global Digital Radio 2018

8 Nov 2018

This Radio World International eBook delves into the details of the Digital Radio evolution in various regions of the world.

HD Radio Then and Now

2 Oct 2018

HD Radio is now simpler, more affordable and efficient with better coverage and reliability than ever on FM. Plus there is…

Getting Data Up the Hill

30 Jun 2018

How should technical managers take advantage of increased bandwidth for digital content, monitoring and control while doing so reliably and economically?

RDS Basics and Best Practices

29 Mar 2018

This eBook lays out essentials of the Radio Data System protocol and how to set RDS up, configure and use it for best results.

Digital Radio Mondiale Drives Forward

23 Feb 2018

How has the Digital Radio Mondiale digital radio standard progressed over the years, and what are its prospects?

New Directions for HD Radio

31 Dec 2017

What’s next for the format as well as best practices for 2018 and beyond.

AM Translators: What’s Next?

28 Sep 2017

Learn about the recent history of translators for AM and the questions asked by stations pursuing this tactic.

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