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The Software-Based Air Chain

This eBook covers important developments you should know about the radio air chain moving to software.

More and more elements of the radio air chain are moving to software, bringing benefits including scalability, space savings, remote management and op-ex budgeting. There are important recent developments you should know about.

  • Philipp Schmid and John Whyte discuss Nautel’s efforts to make implementations of digital radio easier and more affordable.
  • Bill Robertson and Ed Czarnecki of Digital Alert Systems explain a new concept called “EAS at the Edge.”
  • Nick Mannion of Nielsen explains how its Audio Software Encoder decouples PPM encoding from hardware and makes it available for integration in broadcast products.
  • Geoff Steadman of Telos Alliance describes benefits of virtualization and explains how Telos has taken it into account in its product planning.
  • Joe D’Angelo and Jeff Detweiler of Xperi describe a multi-year effort to move pieces of the HD Radio system into a cloud-based architecture.
  • And RCS describes how its ecosystem solves content creation and delivery challenges.

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