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How Much Can You Save? Up to US$50,000 a year!

2 Oct 2019

Jeff Welton discusses the very significant energy savings that radio stations can realize by utilizing MDCL technology (Modulation Dependent Carrier Level).

All Digital AM in the Real World

30 Jan 2019

An in-depth look at All-Digital AM with Chuck Kelly and guests Dave Kolesar (WWFD), Ruxandra Obreja (DRM Consortium), Joshua King (Kintronic…

What to do when your STL feed goes down

23 Jan 2019

There are more answers than ever before to the worrying question of what to do when your STL feed goes down.

Saving Money with Nautel’s NX Series MW transmitters

17 Oct 2018

Considerable cost savings can be achieved with Nautel’s highly efficient NX Series transmitters and MDCL power-saving technology. Chuck Kelly and Wendell…

Tips n Tricks: Part 1 AM Sites

16 May 2018

Jeff Welton hosts this fast-paced informative ‘Tips n Tricks’ session focused on AM transmitter sites. Jeff and special guest Mike Patton…

SuperPower AM: NX Series

20 Jul 2016

Very high power AM/MW/LW deployments present their own unique challenges and opportunities. Nautel’s Chuck Kelly and Wendell Lonergan discuss these exciting…

Introducing the NX3 and NX15 AM Transmitters

8 Jun 2016

Chuck Kelly and Alex Morash discuss the latest members of Nautel AM transmitter family, the NX3 and NX15.

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