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AM MDCL Savings Calculator

Replacing legacy technology with a Nautel NX Series MW transmitter running MDCL could yield energy savings of up to $100,000 USD…

KICY(AM) Installs 50 & 10 kW NX Transmitters

A 50 kW AM system and a 10 kW backup are serving the remote station in Nome, Alaska.

Improved Signal in Harsh Nigerian Climate

Radio Yobe upgraded to Nautel AM & FM transmitters for their reputation of durability, ruggedness, energy and space savings, but they also saw signal and coverage area improvements.

FEBC Celebrates Decades of Working with Nautel

FEBC credits its long history of using Nautel transmitters to reliability, high efficiency, great customer service, state-of-the-art technology and ease-of-use.

Nautel at 50 – WGFY-AM

‘Extreme reliability’ exemplified at long-time customer WGFY-AM with first Nautel 10 kW AM transmitter ever made!

Saving Money with Nautel’s NX Series MW transmitters

Considerable cost savings can be achieved with Nautel’s highly efficient NX Series transmitters and MDCL power-saving technology. Chuck Kelly and Wendell…

Thumbs Up for Emergency NX25

Quick delivery, installation and commissioning of an NX25 in South Africa gets Cape Pulpit back on air after fire.

Call Sign Identification

How to set up the call sign identification for your Nautel transmitter via remote AUI. Ryan Swinamer, Nautel Customer Service Technician…

Backup Audio

How to set up the backup audio on your Nautel transmitter so you have an automatic failover to your backup audio…

Building for a Billion

India’s nationwide digital deployment in-depth with Chuck Kelly, Stephen Farley and Rakesh Aggarwal (Comcon Industries) who go behind the scenes to…

SuperPower AM: NX Series

Very high power AM/MW/LW deployments present their own unique challenges and opportunities. Nautel’s Chuck Kelly and Wendell Lonergan discuss these exciting…

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