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Radio Air Chain


Nautel and Telos Alliance are bringing exciting, innovative approaches to the radio air chain. The collaborative effort by the two companies…

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HD Radio® MER Instrumentation


Nautel provides instrumentation for real-time measurement of MER (Modulation Error Ratio). The measurements follow the NRSC standards for measurement, and require…

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Increased HD Power


No one else builds single-cabinet, solid-state transmitters with power outputs of 6 kW – 30 kW in -14 dB hybrid mode…

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HD PowerBoost™ GEN4


Nautel’s award-winning HD PowerBoost™ GEN4 is a revolutionary technology that increases HD Radio® power output while at the same time increasing…

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HD Multiplex


Award-winning Nautel HD Multiplex is a spectrally efficient and energy efficient means to implement all-digital radio utilizing a multiplexed implementation of…

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