99.7FM – Baraboo, FM Expansion [Two VS300’s]

WRPQ.com, August 24, 2016 Continue reading →

Highest Quality Sound to Emanate from New WHAV FM [with VS300LP]

WHAV.net, August 20, 2016 Continue reading →

Indiana School District Prioritizes Real Experience, Current Studios [with VS 300’s]

Radio Magazine, by Paul Black, July 7, 2016 Continue reading →

VS300 LP Transmitter at NAB 2016

Christy White, Nautel’s VS Specialist, gives a short overview of the VS300LP transmitter. Continue reading →

Bob Kabewa at Work [VS300 Repeater FM Station]

Radio World, by Paul McLane, 11.05.2015 Continue reading →

Capital Radio Network purchases Nautel Transmitters

Capital Radio Network announces that it has entered into an agreement to purchase 22 Nautel transmitters.. Continue reading →

Learn About the Advanced Features of The Nautel VS300LPFM

Nautel’s LPFM Specialist, Christy White, gives a walk-through of the advanced features that the Nautel VS300 for LP broadcast provides. Continue reading →

Nautel’s VS LPFM AUI Live Demo: Best Control Features in the Market Today

Nautel’s LP VS Series specialist Christy White demonstrates the powerful features of the AUI. Continue reading →

This LPFM’s Time Has Come [with a VS300LP]

Radio World, 08.20.2014, by Mike Starling Continue reading →

User Report: Mix FM’S VS300 Still Going Strong

Radio World, Hayden Koch, March 24, 2014 Continue reading →

How to Save Money with Nautel’s Type Certified VS300LPFM

Nautel LPFM Specialist, Christy White, gives a brief walk-through of some of the money saving features found in the Nautel VS300 for LPFM.
Wed, January 22, 2014. Continue reading →

VS Exciters

Did you know that you can breathe new life into your old tube transmitter by adding a VS Exciter and instantly gain the entire feature set of the award-winning VS Series transmitters?

We know of several customers installing VS Exciters in their old transmitters: Townsquare Media put VS1’s into many of their old Continental 816 transmitters; Z101 Digital FM, Dominican Republic has a VS1 in their BE FM30b; and, Summit Media put VS300’s into Energy-Onix and Armstrong FM2500B transmitters.

Not only have they gained the entire feature set of the VS but they’ve also experienced loudness and coverage increases as well as improvements in audio quality.

Learn more about VS Exciters >

The Nautel VS Series Exciter – The Most Advanced Exciter Available Today

Chuck Kelly details the VS300′s outstanding value as a transmitter exciter.
Thur, July 25, 2013. Continue reading →


WIKD Puts Nautel to Work

Radio World, 07.10.2012 Continue reading →

Introducing the Nautel VS300 for Low Power FM (LPFM)

Wed, Nov 30, 2011. Continue reading →

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