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AM Transmitters


eBook: AM All-Digital: Ready To Go


This ebook explores what will happen next now that the FCC has approved U.S. AM radio stations to turn off their…

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TTT: People in our Industry #3 Ben Downs & Greg Borgen


Ben Downs, VP and GM, Bryan Broadcasting and Greg Borgen, president of WDGY/WREY, have both been very visible proponents of AM…

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Transmission Talk Tuesday: AUI Update


It’s no secret that Flash is on the way out. Jeff Welton chats with Matt Herdon, Product Manager for the project…

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Transmission Talk Tuesday: Minimizing Operating Costs


An age old question… how to minimize costs. From more efficient equipment, spectral efficiency optimization in FM HD, MDCL in AM…

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9 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Transmitter


Buying a new transmitter can be a stressful experience for a radio station. The price tag justifies spending weeks or even…

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Transmission Talk Tuesday: Grounding and Lightning Protection


Today we’ll talk grounding – AND FERRITES! This helpful grounding and lightning discussion will center around best practices for new installs…

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Transmission Talk Tuesday: Customer Service


A ‘war stories’ session on support experiences… a chance to ask questions of a service tech (or pat them on the…

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Transmission Talk Tuesday: Site Monitoring


More and more, we’re all looking for ways to do things from the comfort of home, whether due to a global…

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Disaster Recovery and Lessons Learned


Host Jeff Welton talks to a couple of engineers who have first-hand experience when it comes to rebuilding after a full…

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Transmission Talk Tuesday: Transmitter Travels


Sometimes, the biggest challenge of the job can be simply getting to the transmitter site. In this Transmission Talk Tuesday we…

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Transmission Talk Tuesday: Storm Season!


Jeff Welton is joined by Shane Toven of K-Love/Air and Jason Gorodetzer of iHeartMedia to discuss things you should do to…

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