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AM Transmitters

After the Transmitter, What Comes Next?


What happens after the transmitter output connector? In this session we talk transmission line, filters, combiners, antennas, pressurization, etc. with special…

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eBook: Trends in Transmitters 2022


Efficiency. Maintenance. Monitoring points. Footprint. GUIs, GPIO and SNMP. The list goes on. So many factors to consider when shopping for…

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Doing More with Less: AM MDCL & Processing


Continuing from the last session’s theme of AM broadcast and reducing costs of operation, we dig into Modulation Dependent Carrier Level…

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Putting 1+1 Together: AM Multiplexing


There’s been a lot of talk over the past several years about AM revitalization. A lot of that has centered around…

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Holiday Gift Guide for Broadcast Engineers


This topic was suggested by William Harrison from WETA and since no good deed goes unpunished, our guest for this session…

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Preventative Maintenance & Backup Systems


In this session, we talk to Dan Gunter from Alabama Broadcast Services about the maintenance items that simply shouldn’t be put…

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KICY Installs New Nautel Transmitters


Radio World – Who’s Buying What, November 21, 2021 A 50 kW AM system and a 10 kW backup are serving…

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Configuring Presets


Whether RDS, SNMP, setting up the audio player or backup audio configurations, a lot of calls we receive are related to…

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New AUI Introduction


Flash Free AUI hits beta! Join Jeff and Matt Herdon as they discuss the release of the first beta version of…

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Everything you wanted to know about Power Supplies


It’s no secret that most manufacturers use bought out third-party power supplies – there are reasons for that, as a company…

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You can do that with this? Gizmos and Gadgets.


Jeff and Tom Lawler discuss the tools, apps and tricks they find most useful in every day life. Tom is a…

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