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AM Transmitters


eBook: Transmission 2024


In this eBook 17 leading engineers and technology sponsors discuss key trends in transmitters and their associated air chains. Read this…

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eBook: Maximizing Your AM Infrastructure


This eBook explores strategies to help today’s AM broadcasters get the most out of their transmission air chain and infrastructure. Read…

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AM Digital WWFD Concludes Its Test Phase (with NX5-HD System)


Radio World, by Paul McLane, October 11, 2023 The Hubbard station now is a full-time, all-digital operation Read article in Radio…

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MDCL – Unprecedented AM Power Savings Webinar


Nautel and Orban have created a program that can provide broadcasters with an unprecedented level of AM Power Savings. With immediate…

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eBook: Great New RF Installs


Read about some beautiful “big steel” magic in this latest Radioworld eBook: showcasing 14 case studies about broadcasters who have put…

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Site Stories


Let’s talk about transmitter sites. What are some of the hardest sites you have had to get to, helicopter lifts, ski…

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IT Security Questions You Should Be Asking


Questions you should be asking your manufacturer regarding IT security with Shane Toven and Matt Herdon on deck. Shane asks Matt…

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Virtualization and Containerization


We venture into the IT realm a bit as we look at virtualization and containerization, what they are, how they differ…

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Proudly Made in Maine


Jeff Welton welcomes our very own Charles Drillen to TTT. Charlie is the long time Plant Manager of Nautel Maine and…

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Getting Ready for Winter


An informative and useful session that details what should be done on a calendar-based schedule, rather than every x number of…

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Repair or Replace, How to Decide


In this session, we discuss cost of operation vs. cost of ownership – and compare each of those to cost of…

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