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Introduction to Networking for Non-IT Types

We discuss the components of a well laid out network, discuss the caveats and things to look out for, when putting a network together, or trying to clean one up that’s grown through the years with a lot of patchwork here and there. This session is a birds eye view, giving general engineering practices to follow when setting out to plan and implement a secure and flexible layout that allows everybody to get their jobs done, while minimizing risk to the station.

Special Guests:
Kevin Trueblood, Associate General Manager, Technology & Operations – WGCU Public Media.
Aaron Read, I.T. & Engineering Director, Rhode Island Public Radio.
Alex Hartman, Broadcast Integration Specialist, Wisconsin Public Radio.

Webinar Slides

Nautel webinars (and Transmission Talk Tuesday round-tables) qualify for a ½ SBE Recertification Credit.


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