Engineering Excellence for LPFM Broadcasters

At Nautel, our heritage of innovation brings unparalleled capabilities to compact, low-power FM transmitters. The VS and VX Series continue this tradition, offering LPFM broadcasters an unmatched blend of power density, reliability, and ease of use. With models like the VS300, VX150, and VX300, designed specifically for low power FM broadcasting, you’re equipped with efficient, affordable solutions that don’t compromise on performance.

Designed for Your Broadcasting Needs

Compact, Efficient, and Affordable

Our LPFM-certified transmitters, designed and manufactured in North America, prioritize durability and energy efficiency. The modular design of the VS and VX Series ensures easy maintenance and enhanced operational redundancy, ensuring reliable broadcasts. Supported by a comprehensive four-year warranty, these transmitters offer a cost-effective solution for broadcasters seeking technical excellence and long service life.

Equipped with advanced features like an intuitive user interface, precise instrumentation, RDS, and SNMP capabilities, along with customizable presets and alarms, our LPFM transmitters provide robust functionality. Additionally, the VS Series supports SHOUTcast™ and IceCast streaming inputs, complemented by an automatic audio fail-over mechanism for uninterrupted broadcasting reliability.

Unparalleled 24/7 Customer Support

With Nautel, you’re not just purchasing a transmitter; you’re gaining a reliable partner committed to your broadcasting success 24/7. Known for going above and beyond, our responsive and knowledgeable support team ensures that every broadcaster has access to expert assistance, regardless of the time or challenge.

Intuitive User Interface

Secure, comprehensive HTML5-based transmitter control at your fingertips. The award-winning Advanced User Interface (AUI) revolutionizes transmitter management, offering comprehensive control and critical insights remotely. With features like customizable alarms, SNMP management, and responsive design, it streamlines operations, saving time and costs for LPFM broadcasters.

HTML5 AUI of VX Transmitter

Orban Inside: Premium Audio Processing for VX Transmitters

Transform your VS and VX transmitters with Orban’s audio processing, now available as an affordable add-on DSP card. Nautel’s Orban Inside harnesses the power of the Optimod 5500 Series — featuring advanced 5-band processing and dual-band AGC — to deliver unparalleled sound quality. Effortlessly control and customize your audio through the Nautel award-winning Advanced User Interface (AUI), ensuring crystal-clear broadcast quality every time.

Digitalize Broadcasts: HD Radio® with LPFM-Certified VS Series Transmitters

Alongside our analog VX transmitters, Nautel extends Digital Radio functionality through the versatile VS Series transmitters, offering a comprehensive broadcasting solution. The VS300 transmitter with VSHD provides access to HD Radio’s extensive capabilities, empowering you with a wide range of features. Utilize multi-channel broadcasting to provide diverse content options, including multilingual programming, enhancing your station’s appeal. Enjoy pristine digital sound quality, free from static and interference, ensuring an immersive listening experience for your audience. Enabling HD Radio also unlocks the capability to display song titles, album art, and station information, enriching listener engagement and providing valuable context.