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Nautel Brings MDCL to the Forefront at NAB

Nautel demonstrates power savings that can be realized through MDCL implementation, as well as live processing techniques.

Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia – AM station operators interested in MDCL, or Modulation-Dependent Carrier Level, received more information about this technology at the Nautel booth at NAB 2019. Long used by international broadcasters to reduce power consumption at high-powered AM (MW) sites and used under special authorization in the USA for the past 8 years, MDCL was approved by the FCC for general use in the United States in 2016. (Note: stations must notify the FCC of their plans to use MDCL, but advance approval is no longer required.)

Nautel first began offering MDCL algorithms in 2011; those algorithms are incorporated at no charge in all NX Series transmitters and are available via Nautel’s Exporter Plus for other AM models. MDCL is a form of dynamic carrier control and reduces overall operating power by reducing the carrier wave based on modulation levels. Nautel offers multiple algorithms, allowing stations to select the one that makes the most sense for their operation.

MDCL was demonstrated live via an NX5 in the Nautel booth. Audio processing provider Orban was also in the Nautel booth at NAB, showing their XPN-AM processor which has been optimized for use with MDCL operation in conjunction with the NX5. “Stations are already realizing lower power costs thanks to the high efficiency of Nautel NX transmitters,” said John Whyte, Head of Marketing at Nautel. “With MDCL and intelligent audio processing, even more significant cost savings can be obtained. For example, stations that upgrade an older 50 kW transmitter to an NX Series transmitter with MDCL operation could save up to $50,000 in power costs per year.”

Nautel offers a Power Savings Calculator which provides instant information on potential power savings. The Calculator will be demonstrated at NAB and is also available online: www.nautel.com/nxsavings.

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