HD Radio in Canada

Chuck Kelly and Gary Manteuffel of Nautel with special guests Paul Brenner of Emmis Communications, Jeff Detweiler of Xperi Corp and Kirk Nesbitt of Canadian Association of Broadcasters discuss Continue reading →

BEITC Looks at HD Radio

Radio World, by Paul Kaminski, April 9, 2018 Continue reading →

KKLZ Teams With PILOT, Nautel For HD Multiplex Trial

RBR-TVBR, by Adam Jacobson, April 9, 2018 Continue reading →

New Directions for HD Radio

December 2017. What’s next for the format as well as best practices for 2018 and beyond. Continue reading →

The Stars Aligned for This Three-Station SFN

Radio Magazine, By Mike Worrall, November 20, 2017 Continue reading →

Getting Content To and From the Transmitter Site

A dream-team, six-person panel discussion on available data transport options for studio to transmitter site communications. Continue reading →

Delivering Solid HD Radio Coverage To All Your Listeners

Radio Guide Cover Article, by Philipp Schmid, September-October 2017 Continue reading →

Global Digital Radio

July 2017. This Radio World International eBook takes a look at how each world region is preparing for digital transition. Continue reading →

HD Radio SFN with Field Trials

Host Chuck Kelly and guest, research engineer Philipp Schmid, discuss an HD SFN (Single Frequency Network) method that enables seamless transition between separate HD transmitters on an SFN, including field trials information from KUSC, Los Angeles. Continue reading →

Easier and More Affordable HD Radio

Host Chuck Kelly and research engineer Philipp Schmid on how Nautel’s latest developments translate into easier and more affordable HD Radio. See the new HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter, utilizing DTS’ GEN 4, in action, and learn about the new NVLT HD upgrade and our work in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) for HD Radio. Continue reading →

HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter at NAB 2017

Philipp Schmid introduces the Nautel HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter which is an affordable, high performance HD Radio multicast system. Continue reading →

HD Radio SFN at NAB 2017

Maximum HD coverage with HD Radio SFN by Philipp Schmid Continue reading →

NVLT Now Upgradable to HD Radio at NAB 2017

Nautel NVLT transmitters now have an upgrade path to HD Radio. Continue reading →

HD Radio – The Big Picture at NAB 2017

HD Radio update from Chuck Kelly. Continue reading →

La Familia NVLT – Ahora Upgrade Disponible para HD, NAB 2017 (Spanish)

Transmisores Nautel NVLT tienen ahora una ruta de actualización a HD Radio. Continue reading →

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