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HD Digital Radio Test Drive unlocks content, revenue, & ratings potential

Analog FM broadcasters can easily evaluate the potential of HD Radio transmission in their market; with an installed GV2, eligible stations can test HD for up to 6 months without needing to install and purchase up to $40-50K of HD gear.

Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia; NAB Booth W3042 – Nautel wants to break down the barriers keeping many broadcasters from trying HD Radio™ broadcasting. HD Radio transmission has the potential to create critical presence on the car dashboard and help stations stay competitive in a field of alternative media choices. To that end, Nautel has created a “digital radio test drive,” allowing customers a six-month risk-free trial of HD with minimal investment.

The trial initiative takes advantage of Nautel’s unique software-based air chain. Broadcasters will need a GV2 transmitter, content delivery via LiveWire, and an Xperi License. For eligible broadcasters Nautel can provide Omnia for Nautel audio processing, importer, exporter, and exgine as a software load. That allows the broadcaster to place their main station and as many as three extra multiplexed channels on air for up to 6 months. Broadcasters won’t need extra expensive boxes to implement HD Radio because audio processing, digital coding, and synchronization will all be running inside the GV2.

“Our digital radio test drive allows broadcasters to test new revenue generating opportunities without an upfront commitment to the software licenses and HD hardware that are normally required,” said John Whyte, Nautel Head of Marketing and Product Strategy. “This gives them the chance to experiment with new formats, different language programming, or even short-term pop-up event stations. Additionally, stations will have the opportunity to see the impact on listener retention and engagement when album art or graphics appear on a car dashboard.”

Whyte added, ”While we can’t eliminate the need for a broadcaster to have an HD capable transmitter, our ‘Just add audio’ HD approach helps us do our best to minimize the next $40-50K worth of boxes and complexity that may keep a broadcaster from getting an HD Radio signal on the air. For any broadcaster whose transmitter is aging out, this can be a very revealing path forward. At worst, if they don’t continue with HD, they’ll have a fresh transmitter with lots of options for the future.”

To participate in the trial, a broadcaster will need to lease or purchase a GV2 and obtain a broadcasters’ HD Radio™ license from Xperi and a signed trial agreement with Nautel. The broadcaster will also need to provide content for 1–4 channels delivered via Livewire or AES67. The “Just Add Audio” capability in the new GV2 transmitter is Gen4 ready, allowing users to test HD1, 2, 3, and 4 streams without the need to purchase costly external equipment such as Importer, Exporter and Exgine. The GV2 also incorporates a software processor, Omnia® for Nautel, which covers all FM and HD Radio™ audio processing feeds and provides Livewire® AoIP inputs for all audio streams. HD operation is achieved through a software license from Nautel, As part of the HD Digital Radio Test Drive, these Nautel license fees are waived for six months from the date of activation.

At the end of the trial period, the broadcaster can decide to continue with all or a partial implementation of the HD Radio deployment by purchasing or subscribing to Nautel’s software-based air chain, the industry’s most cost-effective implementation of HD Radio.

Alternatively, the broadcaster may decide that HD Radio transmission isn’t for them, or at least not at this time. In that case, the GV2 will default to traditional FM transmission, and there will be no further costs related to Nautel’s HD Radio offering.

Broadcasters are encouraged to speak with their Nautel representative for full details and applicable conditions.

About Nautel
Nautel is the world’s largest manufacturer of AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters with key contributions in the field of digital broadcasting. Focused on making transmission worry-free for users worldwide, Nautel transmitters employ advanced control, monitoring, and instrumentation tools which simplify management of transmitter sites, both locally and remotely via web access. More than 20,000 Nautel transmitters have been deployed in over 177 countries since 1970. For more information visit www.nautel.com

HD Radio™ is a trademark of Xperi®.

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