Are You on the Road to HD Radio Broadcasting?

Maybe you’re launching an HD station for the first time. Or increasing the power of your existing digital signal, or adding multiplexed channels. Maybe you just want to know that the investment you’re making today can get you to digital someday.

Nautel has you covered, thanks to our field-proven, high performance HD Radio solutions.

About HD Radio

HD Radio is iBiquity’s in-band on-channel (IBOC) digital radio technology that lets broadcasters build digital capabilities without sacrificing their established analog frequency and audience.

You can start by simply adding a high-quality digital copy of your existing analog content to your FM or AM transmitted signal. Analog listeners will see no change, but customers with digital receivers will now receive the high-quality digital signal. Signal fading, static, hisses, and pops will be a thing of the past.

FM broadcasters can choose to add up to three new digital channels and new digital data content, all on your original station frequency. Data services such as displayed song and artist information, weather and traffic alerts, and more will revolutionize the way your customers experience AM and FM radio.

And it’s all FREE for consumers, just like today’s analog AM and FM radio.

Nautel HD Radio Innovations


HD Radio Calculator

Calculate a proposed IBOC power increase using our exclusive Asymmetrical IBOC Sideband Elevated Power Calculator.

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Nautel FM RADIO Solutions



To get started with HD Radio broadcasting with your GV Series transmitter just insert Nautel’s optional Exgine card into the GV chassis and deploy an Exporter Plus at your studio site.

For VS Series transmitters add Nautel’s VSHD which includes the Exgine card.

This configuration allows the simultaneous transmission of an analog program and a premium quality digital format. Additional digital channels can be added by deploying an optional HD MultiCast+ Importer and appropriate iBiquity Corporation licenses.

VSHD Digital Exciter
HD MultiCast+ Importer

HD Radio

Nautel HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter


Nautel HD MultiCast+ is for radio stations wanting the simplest, affordable system to let their listeners enjoy HD Radio. The all-in-one solution reduces complexity and cost, and is built on a high performance, extensible 2 RU platform. Features include multi-channel audio card, GPS receiver, and Nautel Reliable HD Transport*.

HD MultiCast+ leads the way with radical cost reduction, simplicity, and long term investment protection for radio stations. It aggressively promotes HD Radio, further enabling the industry to drive digital radio as a standard that everyone can enjoy.

*Nautel Reliable HD Transport: an award-winning tool that reduces the bandwidth requirement and enhances the reliability of the exporter to exciter data connections.

HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter


The Exporter Plus encodes main program service audio and combines it with audio and data services from the Importer. Dual ethernet interfaces support IP routing, which can be used to enhance the robustness of streaming HD IP data. The Exporter Plus is fully compatible with Nautel’s award-winning Reliable HD Transport*.

The Exporter Plus provides users with a full-featured front panel that includes a headphone jack, for convenient monitoring of digital or analog audio, and an LCD user interface with live audio peak and RMS level meter. The Exporter Plus also features an IP-based user interface enabling both manual and automated remote operation.

The Exporter Plus is compatible with the new HD MultiCast+ Importer, which replaces the Importer Plus.

Exporter Plus

Nautel Exporter Plus

Nautel HD MultiCast+ Importer


The Importer codes the secondary program services of an IBOC transmission, which can include digital channels HD2, HD3, HD4, and data services. The Exporter combines the digital version of the main audio stream, HD1, with the secondary audio and data services from the Importer.

The Importer is a rack-mount Windows industrial computer. To achieve outstanding reliability and fast boot times the Importer uses a
solid-state hard drive.

The HD MultiCast+ Importer replaces the Importer Plus, and is compatible with the existing Exporter Plus. The new Importer has a faster CPU and support for 3 audio cards.

HD MultiCast+ Importer


The GV and VS Series transmitters support Nautel’s unique patent-pending technique for optimizing IBOC peak to average power ratios, HD PowerBoost Gen4. By using intelligent algorithms, peak power requirements are reduced allowing the GV or VS Series to transmit up to 30% higher IBOC carrier power levels and at the same time achieve greater transmitter efficiency.

HD PowerBoost Gen4 also supports asymmetrical sidebands for maximum power with minimum impact on a station broadcasting on a next adjacent frequency.

Learn more about HD PowerBoost Gen4 >>




The GV integral exciter can monitor RF output and provide continuous correction signals to ensure the radio signal is within specified spectral limits.

This can eliminate the need for expensive external bandpass filters. Improved linearity results in worry-free occupied spectrum and fewer digital errors ensuring the highest quality HD Radio signal.

This same capability comes as part of the VS HD for VS Series transmitters.

VSHD Digital Exciter


The use of asymmetrical sidebands can help some broadcasters achieve maximum coverage of their digital signal. Many jurisdictions including the United States have made allowances for higher power digital carriers.

Broadcasters may be limited in their ability to use increased IBOC injection levels on both sidebands due to concerns about interference with an adjacent station. Faced with this situation a broadcaster might chose to broadcast asymmetrically with one sideband at a lower power to avoid interference issues with the adjacent station.

Nautel includes asymmetrical HD Radio transmission capability free with all new HD equipped versions of its transmitters.

Please note that FCC approval is required for asymmetrical transmission.

Learn more about Asymmetrical Sidebands >>

HD Radio Single Frequency Network


Stations are increasingly looking to SFN to maximize their coverage, where multiple transmitters on the same frequency hand off the signal to one another. While analog SFN create overlapping coverage that can result in poor to unacceptable reception, digital radio transmission will maintain good audio quality but risk losing the entire signal. With Nautel’s technology, broadcasters can achieve a seamless HD Radio transmission hand-off from one transmitter to the next.

Nautel SFN is currently under development, with successful field trials in California. Availability will be announced when ready, in the meanwhile contact Nautel Sales to register your interest.

Watch Nautel HD Radio SFN Presentation from NAB 2017 >>


Nautel AM RADIO Solutions



The Exgine card decodes data and produces I and Q signals for the NX Series exciter which then outputs phase and magnitude for the transmitter allowing it to broadcast a digital signal.

Having been designed from the ground up to be in a digital transmitter, the Exgine card plugs directly into NX Series transmitters.


While the NX Series accepts an Exgine card directly, other Nautel AM transmitters can be upgraded for HD Radio broadcast capability using what is called the AM IBOC. The AM IBOC includes a sophisticated digital exciter and an Exgine.

The AM IBOC is a robust 1RU solid-state device that offers fast boot times and maximum reliability.

AMIBOC – AM Digital Exciter




A required component of all HD Radio systems, the Nautel Exporter Plus codes the main program audio stream for digital broadcast.

Nautel’s 1RU rack mount Exporter Plus is a 100% solid-state device that provides outstanding reliability.

Exporter Plus – HD Radio Exporter


Nautel Reliable HD Transport Suite

Nautel’s patented Reliable HD Transport Suite is a software solution that helps eliminate IBOC audio drop-outs.

The protocol buffers the IBOC data sent from the studio to the transmitter site by a user-configurable amount of time to allow for data retransmission. This reduces the chance of losing packets on the receive end.

It also restructures the data stream so that instead of sending one large burst followed by several frames of almost no data, the data is repackaged into a continuous stream that occupies a constant bit rate.

This solution is applicable to every HD Radio deployment and allows various multiple exciter configurations to be implemented, such as main standby exciters, multi frequency networks, single frequency networks and satellite distribution applications.

Learn more – read the Radio Guide article, Addressing Packet Loss in HD Transmission >>

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