Get a Tube Buy-Back Credit

It’s easy to switch to a reliable, solid-state Nautel transmitter. Simple, easy to maintain and low cost-of-ownership. PLUS get up to $10,000* for your last tube!



A Nautel Representative will be in touch within three business days

Your aging tube transmitter is likely getting more expensive and difficult to maintain. If you replace a main on-air tube transmitter with a Nautel, we’ll credit back the cost of the new or rebuilt tube. You even get to keep the tube transmitter for use as a backup. Financing available.

* Conditions:

  • Offer must be used to replace a main on-air tube transmitter.
  • Customer provides the model number and picture of main on-air tube transmitter being replaced and gives Nautel permission to publish the picture.
  • Customer provides a copy of the tube or reconditioned tube receipt to support the tube rebate.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Buy back credit of up to a maximum of 7.5% of the new Nautel transmitter purchase price.
  • U.S. & Canada only.