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Single Frequency Networks for HD Radio

Abstract FM single frequency networks (SFNs) are recognized by the FCC as fill-in booster stations and are in common use for…

Transmission Challenges and Solutions for All-Digital AM IBOC

Abstract Recent tests have been performed by the NAB to assess the viability of the all-digital AM IBOC mode, MA3. Hybrid…

New Life for AM with Digital Transmission

This paper examines the changes in AM and the move to digital — HD Radio™ Technology and Digital Radio Mondiale – DRM.

Addressing Packet Loss in HD Transmission

As more stations move to digital transmissions, transporting the IBOC signal from the studio to the transmitter is proving to be more of a challenge than anticipated. The manufacturers have identified various problem areas, and solutions are starting to filter out to the field.

Improvements to FM & IBOC Signal Quality Through the use of Pre-Equalization

The objective of this paper is to demonstrate improvements that can be achieved to the FM broadcast signal, both analog and digital, by the use of pre-equalization at the exciter stage.

Improved Spectral Compliance For FM HD Radio

This paper presents theory and measured performance of digital adaptive pre-correction under unstable environmental conditions. Comparison is made between fixed pre-correction curves and adaptive pre-correction under typical conditions at broadcast sites.

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