Transmission Talk Tuesday: Transmitter Site Cooling/Planning

Building a new transmitter site, renovating an existing one, or planning a new major equipment installation, are all prime opportunities to look at air handling, airflow, cooling and overall transmitter site layout. This fast-paced discussion covers the tricks and traps – the things that we see which can reduce equipment lifespan or increase maintenance costs. We look at things from the “budget is no object” perspective, all the way down to “I need to get a majority approval of the board of directors to replace the air filter on the intake vent”. Sometimes, solutions can be as simple as a mere redirection of where the air goes – we’ll have a few folks with a lot of install experience on hand to provide some advice and their thoughts on what makes their blood pressure rise when they walk into a new-to-them facility for the first time!

Guests: Matt Gholston, Chief Engineer, Townsquare Media

Webinar Slides

Nautel webinars (and Transmission Talk Tuesday round-tables) qualify for a ½ SBE Recertification Credit.


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