Transmission Talk Tuesday: Tips and Thoughts for Contract Engineering

There have been lots of changes over the past year, as we get used to distancing and wearing masks, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the reliance on contract engineering to get out there and get stuff done. In this session, we talk about the challenges faced, the things that a contract engineer shouldn’t be without, with respect to apps, contacts, tools and even insurance. We also discuss the things that a station should know to ask a contract engineer before signing on the dotted line of a retainer contract, or shaking hands, etc. Finally, we swap some war stories – because TTT wouldn’t be complete with some good war stories!

Guests: Tom Ray, president of Tom Ray Broadcast Consulting.

Webinar Slides

Nautel webinars (and Transmission Talk Tuesday round-tables) qualify for a ½ SBE Recertification Credit.


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