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Smith Charts, MER & More

One of the great things about Nautel’s AUI is the unprecedented amount of instrumentation it brought to the transmitter industry. A network analyzer is a great tool for determining your load impedance across the operating bandwidth of your signal and typically displays the results on a Smith Chart.

In this session, Jeff and guest Stephen Lockwood, of Hatfield and Dawson Consulting Engineers in Seattle, look at the Smith Chart, how to read it and what it can tell you. For the FM HD (and DTV) folks in the audience, we also discuss MER – what it means, how it’s displayed and how MER translates directly to coverage of your digital signal. Arguably the most important metric in an HD Radio or DTV signal, it’s also one of the most overlooked.

Special Guest: Stephen Lockwood, President/Senior Electrical Engineer, Hatfield and Dawson Consulting Engineers.

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