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Site Improvement on a Budget​

I think most of us have been there – you walk into a new (to you) site for the first time, either as a contract engineer, a new station hire, or a factory rep checking out an installation or on a troubleshooting call. You look around and the first thought through your mind is “uhhhhh….” as you look at a series of things you know just can’t be right.

Radio station temporary is a real thing – something gets patched together to get the station back on the air and years later it’s still there, whether because the time or the money aren’t there to make a better fix, or because it just got overlooked – or, as happens a lot these days, the original engineer is unobtainium for various reasons and the current staff either didn’t know it wasn’t right, or have been way too busy to address it.

We’ll take a look at a few of these situations and talk about ways to find practical solutions that fall into the realm of good engineering practices, while not breaking the bank.

Special Guests: Josh Jones, The MaxxKonnect Group.

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