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Moving Audio, Moving People and Surviving Vegas

Join Jeff Welton and special guests Kirk Harnack from Telos Alliance, and Chuck Kelly, recently retired industry legend, as they discuss a whole bunch of things! There’s discussion on AoIP, how to transport it, things to be aware of and potential risks/solutions. With NAB coming up, there some teasers on things going on in Las Vegas – and as seasoned veterans, there’s conversation on how to survive a week of 16-hour days in one of the driest cities in North America!

We also look back a bit on Chuck’s nearly 50 years in this industry, talk about some of the changes he’s seen and do some spit-balling on possible ideas to help improve station efficiencies – and on where we’re going to find the next generation of folks who fix the things. This is a lively session with a little bit of almost everything broadcast related (and possibly a few things that aren’t.)

Special Guests: Kirk Harnack from Telos Alliance, and Chuck Kelly an Industry Legend

Nautel webinars (and Transmission Talk Tuesday round-tables) qualify for a ½ SBE Recertification Credit.


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