Videos AM Transmitters

Introducing NX3 & NX15 Transmitters

23 Jun 2016

Introducing Nautel’s new AM transmitters, the NX3 and NX15 models. Chuck Kelly, Nautel Broadcast Sales, Asia Pacific…

Presentación Transmisores NX3 y NX15 (ES)

23 Jun 2016

Presentamos los nuevos transmisores AM de Nautel, los modelos NX3 y NX15. Gerardo Vargas, Nautel Broadcast Sales, Latin America…

XL/XR PA Troubleshooting

2 Feb 2016

How to troubleshoot XL/XR power amplifiers and modulators. This video also includes some tests that are not covered in the product…

NX25 Transmitter Test at Magic 828AM

17 Jul 2015

Walk through the containerized installation of a Nautel NX25 and associated equipment. This is the first privately-owned and operated medium wave…

Rack Interface PWB Removal & Replacement

10 Nov 2014

How to remove and replace the rack interface board on an NX Series transmitter. Ryan Swinamer, Nautel Customer Service Technician…

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