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Call Sign Identification

23 Jan 2018

How to set up the call sign identification for your Nautel transmitter via remote AUI. Ryan Swinamer, Nautel Customer Service Technician…

Backup Audio

23 Jan 2018

How to set up the backup audio on your Nautel transmitter so you have an automatic failover to your backup audio…

NVLT Upgradable to HD Radio

12 May 2017

Nautel NVLT transmitters now have an upgrade path to HD Radio. Jeff Welton, Nautel Broadcast Sales…

La Familia NVLT – Ahora Upgrade Disponible para HD (ES)

12 May 2017

Transmisores Nautel NVLT tienen ahora una ruta de actualización a HD Radio.

NV and VS Series AUI Instrumentation Overview

2 Apr 2012

Demonstration of some of the instrumentation available on the AUI (advanced user interface). Gary Warner, Nautel Customer Service Technician…

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