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HD Radio Then and Now

HD Radio is now simpler, more affordable and efficient with better coverage and reliability than ever on FM. Plus there is new interest in its possibilities on AM.

HD Radio Then and Now

This free ebook checks in on the state of HD Radio:

We lead off with an interview with Dave Kolesar about Hubbard Radio’s decision to take WWFD(AM) in Frederick, MD, all-digital this July. Does the future of all-digital radio on the AM band in the United States start here?

Then we dive into the latest data from Xperi about HD Radio deployment. How many receivers are in the market? How many cars are shipping with HD Radio? Which cities have the highest penetration?

And concludes with Jeff Welton’s white paper “HD Radio: Then & Now” from the spring NAB Show, reviewing the evolution of the IBOC system used in the United States, challenges faced by early adopters and improvements to installation techniques, hardware and software. Welton addresses what he describes as six myths about HD Radio implementations.

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“HD Radio Then and Now” from Radio World