Success with VS Series Translators

WDGY & WREY love their Nautel VS Translators

WDGY and WREY have been using three VS Series transmitters as AM Translators with zero issues since March 2016.

“Set ’em and forget ’em basically. Nautel’s are bullet proof!”– Greg Borgen, President

When looking to buy an AM Translator, Greg wanted “dependability and the highest quality possible” and chose Nautel because “they’re built to last and the best that money can buy.”

He purchased all three Nautel VS transmitters with built-in Orban Inside™ audio processing and says they all sound fabulous.

“Sound every bit as good, if not better, as the big corporate facilities in my market. We’ve had many ‘audio geeks’ call us raving about the great sound!”

Greg uses the AUI control functionality via the Internet to monitor his VS transmitters but has “never encountered any deviations that we need to adjust.”

During his quick and easy install he used the audio processing presets, “let ’em rip” and has not had to touch them since.

The most important advice I can give a station looking to do this would be “Don’t cut corners, buy the highest quality equipment that you can. You’ll know it will work and serve you well.”

WDGY: VS1 translator to 103.7 FM; VS300 translator to 92.1 FM
WREY: VS1 translator to 94.9 FM

Greg Borgen