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Nautel Unveils SFN Option for HD Radio®

New system developed by Nautel helps to ensure consistent signal coverage for HD Radio® transmission.

NAB 2017, Booth N8324 – Nautel has announced a new solution for Single Frequency Networks (SFN) for HD Radio®. The new method enables two or more transmitters to work together to provide consistent, seamless coverage of HD signals throughout a region, even in areas with challenging terrain. A paper on this topic, presented at the 2017 NAB BEITC, earned “best paper” recognition at the conference for Nautel Research Engineer Philipp Schmid.

“Stations are increasingly looking to SFNs to maximize their coverage, where multiple transmitters on the same frequency hand off the signal to one another. However, traditional analog SFN approaches can create overlapping coverage and result in poor to unacceptable reception,” said Schmid. “Digital radio transmission, on the other hand, maintains good audio quality unless the signal is lost entirely. With Nautel’s technology, broadcasters can achieve a seamless HD Radio transmission hand-off from one transmitter to the next.”

Schmid said Nautel’s HD SFN has two key elements: a hybrid FM+IBOC booster installation that minimizes on-channel interference; and a method to achieve precise input-to-output time synchronization for both FM and IBOC across multiple HD Radio transmitters. The Nautel HD SFN method has been proven in field trials at KUSC, just north of Los Angeles, which demonstrated successful HD Radio™ coverage extension even in difficult mountainous terrain. Schmid’s award-winning BEITC paper addressed the challenges and outcomes of these field trials.

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