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Nautel to Provide 30 FM Transmitters to TRT-Turkey

5 kW NVLT systems will be deployed throughout country to further enhance Turkish Radio – Television Corporation’s broadcasting capabilities.

December 9, 2020 – Nautel Limited has announced that it will supply thirty 5 kW NVLT FM transmitters to Turkish Radio-Television Corporation (TRT) over the coming months, with the option to purchase 12 additional transmitters if needed. Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are successfully completed and the transmitters are shipped to TRT. The transmitters will be deployed at key locations throughout Turkey in 2021.

Based in Ankara, TRT provides five regional and six national radio services as well as 6 AM Radio broadcasts. Additionally, Voice of Turkey provides shortwave programming in 32 languages. TRT radio is available on internet, satellite and cable as well as terrestrial services.

The Nautel NVLT transmitters incorporate the company’s field-proven, high-power architecture into a compact footprint. With 72% typical efficiency, NVLT transmitters incorporate Nautel’s award winning Advanced User Interface (AUI) as well as a suite of operational features including onboard direct-to-channel digital exciter, IP and streaming audio input ability, advanced scheduling capabilities, instrument-grade spectrum analyzer, optional onboard Orban processing and more.

“Turkey’s radio infrastructure is already one of the best in the world, and we selected Nautel for this project because they have the tools we need to further enhance our broadcast capabilities. The ease of remote management via the Nautel AUI, which will be done from our headquarters in Ankara, coupled with the transmitters’ high efficiency and reputation for reliability, will help TRT keep operating costs at a minimum while providing the coverage we desire.” said Yusuf TASDEMIR, Head of Transmitters Operation Department at TRT.

Nautel has worked closely with TRT over the years on Turkey’s Radio broadcast infrastructure. In 2009, Nautel was awarded a tender for 195 FM transmitters ranging from 1 kW to 20 kW. Nautel also supplied three 300 kW MW transmitters to TRT in 2008-2009. The 136 digital-capable transmitters were used to modernize a large portion of Turkey’s national FM Radio infrastructure.

Nautel NV Series FM transmitters, part of an earlier large TRT infrastructure modernization project, shown on location in Dikmen, Ankara, Turkey.

“We are honored that TRT has again chosen Nautel once more. The Nautel and TRT partnership will continue for the upgrade and modernization projects of TRT in coming years.” said Ilker Aydin AKIN, Sales Manager-Europe & Russia & Israel at Nautel.

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Nautel is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters. Focused on making transmission worry-free for users worldwide, Nautel provides valuable new solutions for digital radio broadcasting at stations of all sizes. All Nautel transmitters employ advanced control, monitoring and instrumentation tools which simplify management of transmitter sites, both locally and remotely via Web access. More than 16,000 Nautel transmitters have been deployed in over 177 countries since 1970.

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