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Nautel Releases “Mistakes to Avoid” eBook

Common oversights and miscalculations that are made when purchasing a new transmitter are addressed in new resource available from Nautel.

Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia – Nautel has released an eBook titled “9 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Transmitter.” Geared toward general and engineering managers, the eBook discusses details that could be overlooked during the decision-making process including space requirements, potential delivery issues, site preparation and more.

“No matter what brand of radio transmitter you are considering, there are many details involved,” said John Whyte, Head of Marketing at Nautel. “Failure to account for even small details can drive up your total cost of ownership. This eBook addresses what we consider to be the top nine issues involved with a new transmitter purchase and includes questions you should be asking yourself in the preparation process.”

To access the eBook, visit https://www.nautel.com/mistakes-to-avoid-when-buying-radio-transmitter/.

About Nautel
Nautel is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters. Focused on making transmission worry-free for users worldwide, Nautel provides valuable new solutions for digital radio broadcasting at stations of all sizes. All Nautel transmitters employ advanced control, monitoring and instrumentation tools which simplify management of transmitter sites, both locally and remotely via Web access. More than 16,000 Nautel transmitters have been deployed in over 177 countries since 1970.

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For more information please contact:
John Whyte
Head of Marketing
[email protected]

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