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Legacy AUI Access App Now Available from Nautel

Free to users, this app permits secure use of the current Flash-based AUI while the HTML5 AUI development is completed.

Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia – A free app is now available from Nautel which enables the use of the current Flash-based Advanced User Interface (AUI) beyond the end-of-life planned for browser-based Flash availability. The app, which will operate on either Windows or macOS platforms, uses Adobe AIR to install Nautel’s Flash-enabled app on the user’s desktop. A transmitter is accessed by entering its IP address into a window which then opens the AUI for that transmitter on the user’s computer. All standard functions of the AUI are then available to the user. Multiple windows may be run at the same time for users who need to monitor a number of Nautel transmitters and the app retains a list of IP addresses, so they do not need to be entered every time.

“Nautel expects to have the full HTML5 AUI released early in 2021, with beta releases before the end of 2020, but we could not in good conscience leave our customers operating with anything less than the full industry-leading AUI experience,” said Matt Herdon, Nautel Product Manager. “Additionally, the realities of the oncoming winter season in the Northern Hemisphere will make it difficult for many users to go to their sites for installation of the new AUI.” The Legacy AUI Access App will be available for use until testing of the new HTML5 AUI has been completed for all AUI-enabled transmitter models.

The new app may be obtained by visiting the Legacy AUI Access App section on https://support.nautel.com/aui/ and clicking on the “more info & download” link.

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Nautel is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters. Focused on making transmission worry-free for users worldwide, Nautel provides valuable new solutions for digital radio broadcasting at stations of all sizes. All Nautel transmitters employ advanced control, monitoring and instrumentation tools which simplify management of transmitter sites, both locally and remotely via Web access. More than 16,000 Nautel transmitters have been deployed in over 177 countries since 1970.

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