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Utah LPFM Chooses Nautel Transmitter

Radio World, by RW Staff, January 22, 2024

Friend Weller and KVWJ installed a VX300

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KVWJ in Hyrum, Utah, has installed a Nautel VX300 transmitter. The low-power FM station, licensed to Alumni Records, broadcasts on 94.9 MHz with the slogan “Radio for the South Valley.”

Friend Weller, director of Alumni Records and a veteran radio engineer, told Nautel, “Our original transmission setup involved several separate devices, all which performed surprisingly well together given their age (circa 1980–1988).”

But he said the station needed a new and reliable transmitter to assure ongoing operations. Weller said key selling points included the price; the compact 2 RU format; the “Orban Inside” option, which eliminated the need for a separate processor; and the integral remote control/AUI.”

“Listeners have let us know that our sound has improved, and with our recent entry into the world of RDS, we can maintain the spirit of radio while keeping our listeners informed,” Weller told Nautel.