New Directions for HD Radio

December 2017. What’s next for the format as well as best practices for 2018 and beyond.

“New Directions for HD Radio” explores what’s next for the digital radio format as well as best practices suitable for 2018 and beyond. Nothing sparks passion among radio technologists like discussion of the future of digital radio.


  • The new NRSC-G203 IBOC Time and Level Alignment Guideline, described as “the first comprehensive, collaborative effort of the industry to consolidate what’s known regarding this important topic that directly impacts the listening experience.”
  • Perspectives on the preprocessing of low bit rate audio for HD Radio.
  • A case study in the creation of an HD Radio single-frequency network.
  • What’s next for the idea of “all digital” testing in the United States.
  • Other issues on the minds of HD Radio industry experts.

(Sponsored by Nautel)

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