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Nautel Completes Antenna Hungaria MW Install

Radio World, Marguerite Clark, December 6, 2017

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The new 2 Megawatt NX2000 medium wave system is now on air

Antenna Hungaria’s new Nautel 2 Megawatt NX2000 medium wave system is now operational.

Located at the broadcaster’s transmission facility near Solt, Hungary, Nautel says the project, on which it worked in collaboration with Porion Digital KFT, involved large infrastructure changes at the site as well as installation of the new transmitter.

Modifications included building renovation and air handling updates as well as interfacing the NX2000 to Antenna Hungaria’s existing 11 kV voltage supply. The new solid-state Nautel system replaces a custom-built tube transmitter that had been in use for 40 years.

“The NX2000 system incorporates five Nautel NX400 transmitters along with a large, versatile combiner,” said Wendell Lonergan, Nautel head of Broadcast Sales. “Our new NXC2000 combiner can be reconfigured if one or more transmitters is shut down, which ensures that maximum power is delivered to the antenna in all cases.”

According to Nautel, the new NX2000 system offers an efficiency of 90% as well as a compact footprint for space savings. Individual transmitters are available in 100, 200, 300 or 400 kW designs, along with lower power units ranging down to 3 kW. Control and monitoring are managed via Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI).

Antenna Hungaria is wholly owned by the government of Hungary and provides broadcast, telecommunication and multimedia services throughout the country. The signal of its Solt operation can be heard on 540 kHz all over Europe as well as in parts of Africa, Russia and Asia.

A video explaining the project is available here.

Visit the Antenna Hungaria NXC2000 project overview for more information, video, and 3D view of the combiner interior.