Kuskokwim Deploys Nautel FM Transmitters

Radio World, by RW Staff, February 14, 2024

Public broadcaster chooses Nautel VX Series 150W model

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Kuskokwim Public Media purchased five Nautel VX150 FM transmitters for KSKO(FM) in McGrath, Alaska, and several satellite stations.

Program Director Paul Walker — who calls himself “The Alaska Radio Nerd” — told Nautel: “Our transmitters while not in the very worst environments, aren’t in the very best either and they need to just WORK, and Nautels are tough. All of our stations are under 100 watts but we need a little extra than that to make the ERP, given the antennas we use, and we don’t need 300 or 6000 watts.”

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These racks serve KGYA 90.5 in Grayling, KLOP 91.5 in Holy Cross and KMGS 89.5 in Anvik, which are full-time “satellators” of KSKO in McGrath, Alaska. The blue Nautel VX transmitters are visible.