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Nautel was born out of innovation starting with the first successful solid-state transmitters for broadcast, and today offers the most modern fleet of transmitters in the industry. Nautel’s engineering team is even pushing its RF Amplifier expertise into space. That means there is a bit of rocket science in all of our transmitters. It shows in Nautel’s digital broadcasting leadership and revolutionary approach to traditional transmitter design. Nautel’s Advanced User Interface, built-in instrumentation, IP Audio, audio automation, Push Radio, HD PowerBoost, and built-in audio processing are just some examples of Nautel innovation in recent years.
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Nautel’s latest generation of transmitters were designed to place enhanced control in to the hands of engineers so that they could become more efficient in their work. Years of interface development effort gives immediate access to almost any parameter imaginable, whether at the transmitter site or from the comfort of your living room. Imagine knowing in advance what parts and tools you’ll need at the transmitter site. Having that much control remotely can help you avoid trips, save time and save money (more than 5,500 AUI capable transmitters have shipped to date).
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Whether you intend to broadcast digitally now or in the future your new Nautel transmitter will be ready. While most transmitter designs have been adapted to address the digital broadcasting era, Nautel engineers started fresh to ensure the GV, NV, NX and VS Series transmitters would offer the best possible digital radio performance. Easy upgrades using solid-state plug in boards and/or 1RU digital components make it easy to move from analog to digital broadcasting.
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Nautel reliability is why customers have been coming back for more than four decades. From the beginning, every Nautel transmitter has incorporated solid-state components in rugged, highly redundant architectures. Integrated North American manufacturing gives Nautel complete control over all aspects of transmitter design; from our lightweight, corrosion-resistant racks to amplifier design, and even our environmentally-friendly packaging.
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Nautel has never discontinued support on any product it has ever produced and its new four-year warranty on all broadcast transmitters further establishes Nautel as the industry’s trusted source for long term transmitter support. That’s just one reason why Nautel support is renowned in the industry. Another is our drop everything attitude. We know that being on the air is what your business is all about. That’s why in those rare situations when a customer is off the air, we do everything possible to get you back on air quickly. Then there are new innovations like the AUI – Advanced User Interface, Nautel Phone Home and Nautel Updater and Manager. Advance control and monitoring not only helps you, but also helps Nautel technicians support you when you need us most.
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Your transmitter may be called upon for 15, 20 or even more years of service. Like the transmitters we manufacture Nautel is also structured for the long haul. Consistent profitability, stable ownership, community values, and a vibrant yet experienced work environment has helped sustain Nautel through four decades, and positions the company for many more years of service to you our customers. Want to learn more?
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At Nautel, we’re 100% committed to continuous improvement. It permeates everything we do; from how we manage and finance the company, to how we approach design, to the investment we make in support including our philosophy of never discontinuing support on a product, ever. We make long-term investments to enhance your experience in owning and operating a Nautel transmitter, and are committed to introducing substantial new functionality to already-installed Nautel transmitters.
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